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Join us today and have fun with your new nail style! Nail Trix Spa in Clarksville, TN 37040 - The wise choice to enhance your beauty!

Tired of the same old manicures? Join us today and have some fun with your new nail style! We've got the latest trends in nail design, from bright neon colors to chic monochrome looks. Whether you're after something subtle or something striking, we've got the perfect choice for you. Plus, our staff are always on hand to give advice and tips so that you can make sure your new look is perfect. So come on down and get creative – let's see what amazing look you can create!

Red is the color of luck and passion, often associated with a fiery energy that can boost confidence. Painted nails in this hue are an effortless way to instantly add instant glam to your look and also bring a touch of good fortune. Whether you're having a night out on the town or just grabbing a quick lunch, painting your nails red signifies that you believe in yourself and have the courage to give it your all when pursuing success and opportunities!

Color of luck Gel Polish | New year - New look

Water drop nail design is one of the most stylish and eye-catching manicures out there. This look uses paints or gels with vibrant, bold colors to create a 'water droplet' effect, with each droplet having its own unique color. The effect can be enhanced further by applying glitter over the top or a gleaming chrome shade to provide sparkle and luminosity. It's great for those who like to add a touch of glamour to their look without going too extravagant. The best thing about this manicure is that it looks amazing regardless of whether your nails are natural or acrylic!

Color of luck Gel Polish | New year - New look

With the new year upon us, many of us are thinking about what trends will be popular in early 2023. When it comes to nails, there's no shortage of design ideas that have been emerging for the season ahead. Think intricately beaded tips, ombré fades, ombre half-moon designs in bright colors, 3D shapes and so much more! Whether you're into elaborate nail art or prefer a simpler look, there are plenty of options available to keep your manicure looking fresh during the upcoming season. Plus, many salons offer certain specials on getting creative with nail designs - so don't hesitate to try out something different and express yourself through stylish nails this season!

Color of luck Gel Polish | New year - New look

Color of luck Gel Polish | New year - New look

Color of luck Gel Polish | New year - New look

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